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Clearance Belly Rings & Body Jewelry

We’re saying good bye to some styles, which means some good buys and cheap belly button rings for you! Get your clearance belly rings quickly--on sale items don't last long, so grab ’em before they’re gone.
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Clearance Belly Rings are Going, Going, Gone! Shop On Sale Items

Closeout prices on our cheap belly button rings means they are going, going, going to be gone for good quickly. Many of our cheap belly rings are fabulous in BellyBling style, but in order to bring you even more variety of body jewelry, we have to say goodbye these. Be a savvy shopper and snag these hot belly button rings on sale.

Our closeout jewelry selection changes constantly, but usually includes a little bit of everything, so we’ve covered some basic belly jewelry information:

Bananabell/Belly Bar
A bananabell - also sometimes called a belly bar- is a curved bar with a threaded ball on each end. It's ideal for a belly button piercing because its curved shape fits well with the curve of the body in the navel area. Some have equal-sized balls on each end, while others have one sized bigger than the other. Hundreds of color, material, design and size combinations for the balls offer lots of style options. A majority of belly rings, including our clearance belly rings, are curved barbell rings.

Reverse Belly Rings
A unique twist on a traditional belly ring, reverse belly rings- also called top-down belly rings- are created so that the design hangs from the top bar instead of the bottom one. These rings generally cover your belly button and are usually more comfortable to wear than traditional belly rings because they pull less on the piercing. Reverse belly rings can be worn with a traditional belly piercing; the only difference is that you insert the bar from the top down to the bottom rather than from the bottom up to the top. We sometimes offer reverse belly rings in our clearance belly rings section- check this page frequently to catch them while they last.

Captive Bead Ring
A captive bead ring – also called a ball closure ring- is a true belly ring. A captive bead ring has a ball that is held in place by the tension of the ring. Captive bead rings are a popular piece of jewelry because they can be worn in nearly any piercing and look equally attractive in both women and men. Their simple design also makes them very versatile and they are available in a wide variety of gauges and diameters. These rings are hot, hot, hot clearance belly rings when they become available. They don't last long, so snag them when you see one you like.

Dangling Belly Rings
Dangling belly rings are a popular option because the styles are endless. It's just as the name indicates: designed to “dangle” from your piercing.

BioFlex Piercing Tubes and Flexible Belly Rings
BioFlex tubing can be used in almost any body piercing. It's used in place of metals and is a fantastic option for those with sensitivities to metals. Because it is lightweight and flexible, which reduces stress from movement, BioFlex tubing is super comfortable. It can also be cut to size for a perfect fit, and is compatible with a wide range of balls for the ends. Clear BioFlex balls make a retainer for a piercing for those times when you need to remove your jewelry or hide a piercing.

Results 1-40 of 2521234567