16 Gauge Belly Button Rings

16 gauge belly button rings are here. Look no further for the small and skinny 16g belly button rings you have been looking for. These gauges of belly button rings can be hard to find, but we have them - 16 gauge belly rings in sparkling gems, unique spirals, even captive bead styles in this size that’s a bit smaller than our 14 Gauge Belly Button Rings. Body jewelry sizing can be complicated. Although a 16g belly ring sounds larger than a 14g belly ring, a 16 gauge navel ring is actually thinner. A standard Belly Piercing is done with a 14 gauge needle, but some girls switch to a 16 Gauge Belly Button Ring once their belly button piercing has healed so they can wear smaller delicate jewelry. Fore more small belly rings, see our Short Belly Button Rings with 3/8" barbells.
16 gauge belly button rings are a whole new way to shine. There is such a diverse selection of body jewelry styles and kinds, but did you know one of the most important aspects of piercings is the gauge size of the piercing needle used? The gauge size refers to the thickness of the needle and will determine what size of jewelry you’ll be able to wear in your piercing.

Gauge numbers for piercings typically range from 12 gauge to 24 gauge. A lower number means a thicker gauge. For example, a 14 gauge belly ring is slightly thicker than a 16 gauge belly ring and 20 gauge belly rings would be thinner than a 16g belly ring.

Gauge sizes of piercings depend mainly on the location of the piercing. The Association of Professional Piercers (APP) states that nothing thicker than a 14 gauge piercing may be done below the neck to reduce the risk of a negative skin reaction or skin tearing around the piercing.

For belly button piercings, the gauge generally used is a 14, but the 16g belly button ring is also gaining popularity. We’ve grouped our belly button rings: 16 gauge here together to make shopping easier. You can see our collection of 14 gauge belly rings here .

Some of our best selling 16g navel rings include a classic captive bead ring or variations of the captive design, like the star gem and the triangular-shaped styles.

Another of our best selling non dangle belly button rings by size (16 gauge) is the titanium double gem spiral belly ring.

Horseshoe designs are also popular in 16 gage belly button rings. From a cute star bead ring to a more modern spiked horseshoe, you're sure to find a 16 gauge navel ring you'll love.

Have a 16 gauge belly button ring but lost the top? Try a replacement top, like our sparking multi-gem ball top to make it like new again.

Our 16g navel ring collection also includes pregnancy belly button rings. 16 gauge PTFE wire can be trimmed to adjust to your changing belly. Our 16 gauge pregnancy belly button rings like this one features a 4mm gem accent in an array of colors, so it's anything but boring.

Some belly ring wearers will search for 5 /16 belly button rings (or 5/16”), but this measurement doesn’t always correspond to the gauge size, so be sure to look for the sizes of the gauges of belly button rings when shopping for body jewelry.

Ear piercings are another piercing that can vary by gauge. Gauge sizes will vary based on both the method of the piercing and the location on the ear of the piercing. If you have your ears pierced with a piercing gun, the gauge is generally an 18 or 20. Ears pierced with a needle are usually anywhere from a 10 to an 18 gauge. As with belly button piercings, the most important thing to do is ask your piercer what size gauge he or she will be using, especially if you are having tragus, anti-tragus, rook, daith or cartilage piercings done.

Gauge size is also a common term in ear plugs and ear gauges . We’ve added this chart so you can easily see the different sizes in gauges.