Belly Chains

Belly chains are here. A belly chain is a sexy statement. Belly chain jewelry comes in many different hot styles. Dress up your navel with sexy belly chains, a pretty belly chain with butterfiles, or classy belly chain jewelry. Belly ring chains and Belly Button Chains are extravagant and beautiful. Belly chains add even more glamour & heat to your belly body jewelry. Glow in the dark belly ring chains, mood belly ring chains...what type of Belly Chains for Pierced Navels best suits you are your personal style? Find all your belly chain jewelry here.
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Belly Chains Style Guide

Belly chains are the newest and hottest fashion accessory to hit the body jewelry scene. Wearing a belly chain makes any look a sexy one. Belly chain jewelry comes in all styles and is made from different kinds of materials, just like traditional belly rings. If you love the look of Gold Belly Button Rings, you can find the same shimmering look in belly ring chains. If you love to wear Crystal & Gemstone Belly Rings, you can find the same shimmering shine in belly necklace chains. You have come to the right place if you are wondering where to buy belly chains - sexy belly chains, sterling silver belly chains, and rhinestone belly chains - for sale right here at We got your waist chain belly rings covered right here. Get your sexy back - belly chains, body chains, all kinds of belly chains jewelry can be found here.

Find the right look of belly chains for women, specifically, one woman - you. How do you know which chain belly rings are for you? Browse through our Belly Rings Chains Guide for some suggestions on how to match certain navel chains with your specific body jewelry style.

Cheap Belly Chains. Budget conscious? We understand. You can find plenty of style for very little money with cheap belly chains.

Silver Belly Chains. The style gurus say that silver is the first choice when you want a sleek, sophisticated belly chain for a sleek, sophisticated you. Pair a silver belly chain with other sterling silver body jewelry for a complete look. Keep the colors minimal and the colors that are there will really pop.

Belly Dancing Chains. If you like to shake and shimmy with your super sexy belly dancing moves, we say go for it! Make those hips really stand out and show off your waistline as well as your navel with outstanding belly dancing chains. You want belly dancing chains to sparkle, to have big color, and plenty of dangling components. Gems, charms, lots of long dangle make the belly dancing chains for you.

Beaded Belly Chains. You have a certain style. You want a specific look. You have no intention of blending in with the rest of the crowd. Play up your hipster look with beaded belly chains. Not everyone can pull it off, but you can. It's a little Bohemian, a little hippie - but not the overtly kitschy kind - with style and a whole lot of hipster attitude.

Gothic Body Jewelry. Belly Chains are here for you. Pair the the darker, more tribal belly chains with ear gauges and nose rings that you love. If you want to up your goth game, bring some sexy to the dark goth look with the right kind of navel chain. Steer clear of the flowers and butterflies, unless they are a dark red or black, and instead find navel chains that are the goth fit for you. Skulls? Blood red roses? Avoid pastels.

Find the right body jewelry, from your face to your neck to belly chains to your toes can be the way you complete your style and your look. Body belly chains are the newest and hottest fashion accessory. They are belly rings with chain dangles - kind of like a necklace for your waist. What better way to show off your navel than with belly chains?