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Dangling Belly Rings

Dangling belly button rings help take your style to new lengths. Dangling belly rings add bling and then some. Jewels, flowers, stars and more - your dangle belly button rings can have whatever you want. Get a star dangle belly ring or get dangling navel rings with hearts. The dangle belly button ring is eye catching no matter what cute dangle navel jewels it has. Let your bling dangle from your navel with pride!
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Jewelry is meant to be expressive and belly rings are no exception. Dangling navel rings are a great way to express yourself. Do you base your dangle navel ring choice on your mood, or maybe your plans for the day? A dangling belly ring can express your mood.

Cheerful dangling belly button jewelry. Flowers can put a smile on almost everyone’s face, so what’s more perfect for a cheery mood than a little flower power? Whether you go for simple bold color or shiny gem petals, you’ll be spreading your good cheer wherever you go wearing navel jewels that sparkle like a flower.

Busy. If you have a jam-packed day planned but don’t want to give up your stylish bling, aim for simple style. Our gold plated belly button dangle rings feature classic shapes with small shiny gem accents. If silver is more your style, we have you covered there too with cute dangle belly rings. Not too flashy, not too plain. Just right for your busy lifestyle.

Sporty belly rings dangle showing off your favorite pastime. While we don’t necessarily recommend dangling belly rings when you are playing sports, they are the perfect accessory to show off your love of the game. Are you a basketball fanatic? We have you covered. Soccer your game? Look no further than here to find your dangling belly rings!

Secretive dangling belly button ring. Reverse dangling navel rings, sometimes called top down belly rings hang from the top of the piercing and can create a feeling of a shield for covering for the navel. Some of our faves are handsome navel jewels jewels crosses embellished with gorgeous stones on dark, rich-looking metals.

Relaxing dangling belly button jewelry. Does your day include plans for Happy Hour? Why not come prepared with a martini glass belly ring? With just the right amount of shimmer, you’ll be the life of the party wearing these dangling belly rings.

Funky dangling belly button ring. Nothing says funky like peace signs. Add some bold colors or blingy jewels (or both) and you’ve got the perfect accessory for your mod-feeling mood wearing these dangling navel rings.

Sexy belly button dangle rings. Playboy Bunny: two words that epitomize sex appeal. Our authentic Playboy Bunny belly button rings will make you feel like you’re right at home in the Playboy mansion.

Flirty dangling belly rings. A mood that always invites a little social interaction, feeling flirty is a great way to spend your day. And what better way to share just a little information about yourself (without revealing too much!) than a Gem Initial belly ring or one that shows off your astrological sign?

Fancy dangle navel rings. Going out on the town? Don’t forget your bling, and be sure to make it big. Our suggestions? The Elegant Dangling Gems belly ring or the Elegant Double Hoop belly ring. Our Large Gem Swirl also makes a fantastic choice for an evening out.

Results 1-40 of 360123456789