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Double Gem Belly Button Rings

Gem belly button rings are shimmering and sweet, especially when they are double belly button rings. Our most common type of gem belly button ring is the double gem belly button ring. Sparkling gems on both top and bottom will have all eyes on you. From sweet hearts and spiral twists to neon brights and dangling bling big or small, double gem belly rings are an easy way to double the fun. Gemstone belly button rings capture the light from the sun or from the dance floor, and make your navel shine with brilliance no matter where you are. Double belly button rings allow you to have twice the bling, for twice the flirty fun! For more glitz and glitter, check out these Crystal Belly Button Rings, Crystal Ear Plugs, and Diamond Belly Button Rings.
Whether you're all about bling with a big sparkling navel ring, or more subtle with a love for a small double gem belly ring, color is always an important part of personal style. What's your favorite color? And what does it say about you?

Blue. Trustworthy and conservative, you are often admired for your wisdom and loyalty. Blue ranks as the top favorite color of people, so you are in good company!

Pink. It’s no wonder that people who prefer pink tend to be maternal. If it’s your favorite color, you enjoy affection and crave feeling loved and secure.

Black. Powerful and dignified with a flair for the dramatic, if you chose black as your favorite, people see you as elegant and stylish. You may be sensitive and artistic, but are by no means an introvert.

Green. The color most associated with harmony and balance, if you love green, you enjoy being with other people and helping others less fortunate than yourself. You are generous and calm and have the ability to soothe others.

Purple. Long associated with royalty, those who count purple as their favorite color often have an air of mystery. You like power and crave sophisticated things, yet tend to be sentimental.

White. Known for its purity, cleanliness and innocence, white is a favorite color of those who are often organized and logical-thinking.

Red. No color is as dramatic as red, and those that count it as their favorite are often passionate, intense, tenacious people full of energy and strength.

Orange. The color most associated with fall and the warmth of family, people that love orange tend to be social and friendly and can get along with nearly anyone.

Yellow. Those that love yellow generally have sunny, optimistic personalities. Artistic and social, they can have a dramatic imagination and a good head for business.

Colorful double gem belly rings are also included in some of our other categories of belly rings, like our Titanium Belly Rings selection, our Semi-Precious Stones group and our popular Unique Belly Button Rings collection. Check them all out today and find your new favorite large or small double gem belly ring.
Results 1-40 of 115123