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Fun & Flirty Summer Belly Rings

There’s nothing quite like hot summer days (and cool nights!) and the cute, fun and flirty style that goes along with them. It’s the perfect time to show off your fun belly button rings, and we’ve got enough summer belly button rings to take you through the season and beyond. These cute belly button rings for summer are adorned with tropical flowers, cute animals, bright colors, shining gems, anchors, martini glasses, palm trees, and more. Who doesn't want to wear cool belly button rings during the blazing hot summer? Shopping starts now!
Flowers, fruit, flip flops… just a few fun things that spell SUMMER. The best part of the season? Warm weather clothes offers more opportunities to show off your cool belly button rings. And speaking of flowers, fruit and flip flops, you’ll find them in summer so of course you’ll find them in our summertime cool belly rings. Cool off the summer heat with just the right cool belly ring for you. A few cool navel rings that are some of our favorites of summer include:

Flower power. A hip, cool belly button ring includes flower power. Flowers is in full force with blooms in pinks, purples, blues and more. Whether shimmering and shiny with gems or bold and bright with brilliant color, nothing looks more right for hot summer days than flower belly rings.

Go buggy. Dragonflies, butterflies, ladybugs. O.K. , so we don’t necessarily enjoy bugs in summer, but when it’s a charming belly ring we’ll take it. So, go buggy with cool body jewelry that shows off bugs! Ours range from simple to sparkling and everything in between. For the ultimate colorful belly button rings selection, going buggy gives you the variety you love. But all are cute, flirty and oh so perfect for summer.

Say it. Logo belly rings, initial belly rings and number ball belly rings let you say it without speaking a word. The ultimate cool belly piercing. “Party Girl”? Behind the “8” ball? How about the letter “L”? Choose a different one for every day of the week to keep them guessing. Cool navel piercings to cool off your hot summer rep!

A shoe in. Flip Flops are a summer necessity! So fun and flirty, there’s no reason your feet should have all the fun. Another cool belly button piercing is one with flip flops! Flaunt one in a belly piercing to show off the ultimate summer necessity.

Non-furry friends. Turtles, frogs, geckos. Warm summer weather brings out warm weather friends and cool navel jewelry. Whether you love ‘em or they make you a bit squeamish, nothing looks more perfect for casual summer style than wearing a lizard belly button ring.

Go fruity. Yummy summer fruits like strawberries and cherries are cool treats, and also look so cool as belly ring bling. Bright colors and shiny gems make them warm weather ready, just pick one already!

USA. Smack dab in the middle of summer is the 4th of July, but don’t wait until then to wear the red, white, and blue with pride. Flaunt your love for America with a fun belly ring and make every day feel like Independence Day.

Shape up. Captive bead rings are a classic style for many piercings. They are easy-to-wear, non-snagging and just look cool! So how about switching it up for summer with a captive bead ring in a new shape? Our suggestions? Tear drop captive bead ring, silver square captive bead ring or even a silver triangle captive bead ring? An updated classic. We love it!

Results 1-40 of 29512345678