Gold Belly Button Rings

Gold belly button rings say something about you. A girl who wears a gold belly ring is high-class and sophisticated. You expect real gold on your finger and around your neck, why not wear gold belly rings? Get gold body jewelry and gold navel rings at Fashionable and elegant, you can’t go wrong with these stunning gold belly button rings and gold belly jewelry. A gold navel ring in classic 14k gold is beautiful, but we also have rose gold belly button rings and other belly rings gold. We have gold belly rings for every level of budget. Wanting the look of gold without the high cost? You might like Gold Plated Belly Button Rings. Or view our 14k Gold Belly Button Rings and White Gold Belly Button Rings.

Gold Belly Button Rings Glitter Like No Other

Gold belly button rings make a statement of sophistication. Did you know 14K real gold is generally considered to be ideal for gold body jewelry? You can have 14k gold navel rings. Pure gold belly button rings are 24K; it is softer, less durable and very expensive. To make it more affordable and usable it is combined with other metals- called alloys- to make gold belly button rings stronger. Alloys in gold belly button rings add strength but adding too much can make the metal in the gold belly button rings more likely to tarnish. In gold belly rings, there are three different variations that are most popular- 18K real gold belly rings, 14K real gold belly button rings and 10K real gold navel rings to assure the right mix of value, durability and beauty. Gold navel rings can have durability and beauty.

18K gold body jewelry contains about 75% real gold and 25% alloy and is the most expensive and is most resistant to tarnishing. However, 18K gold body jewelry will show wear marks sooner.

14K real gold belly button rings contains approximately 58% real gold and 40% alloy. It is considered to be an ideal combination for gold body jewelry like gold belly button rings because it is strong yet resists tarnishing.

10K real gold contains about 40% real gold and 58% alloy, making it the only karat gold containing less gold than alloy. It is the least expensive of the three classes for real gold body jewelry and real gold belly button rings. It will also tarnish more quickly than 18K and 14K gold belly button rings.

Another way to understand the varying amounts of real gold in the four different classifications is to use karats. A karat is the standard measurement of gold and is divided into 24 parts. Pure 24K gold belly button rings contain 24 karats; this means 24 out of 24 parts of it are gold. With 18K gold belly rings, 18 parts are gold and 6 parts are other alloys. For 14K gold belly button rings, 14 parts are gold and 10 parts are alloys. 10K gold belly button rings include 10 parts gold and 14 parts other alloys.

Real gold body jewelry, like white gold belly button rings, is usually considered to be easy-to-care for but it can still benefit from cleaning and gentle care. Crevices in gold body jewelry, like what sometimes can be found in a gold belly button ring, can accumulate lotions and cleansers and over time mildly dull your fine gold body jewelry. Nobody wants their gold belly button rings or white gold belly rings to be dull! Real gold found in a gold belly ring is easily cleaned in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or soaked in a solution specifically for gold. 14k belly button rings can also be cleaned using a mix of detergent-free soap and water. Gold navel jewelry can be cleaned with polishes that return your real gold to its original luster. When not wearing your gold belly button jewelry or any of your gold body jewelry, it’s best to keep it in a pouch made to protect jewelry. You want to take care of classy belly button rings. Because real gold can scratch, even a white gold belly ring, don’t use abrasive or harsh cleaning solutions on your gold body jewelry. Protect your gold navel ring. White gold navel rings need just as much protection as yellow gold 14k belly rings.

14k navel rings with real gold is very durable, but yet there are still a few things to avoid to keep your 14kt gold belly button rings looking their best. Chlorine can permanently change the color of your gold 14k belly ring, so avoid wearing gold body jewelry if you plan to go to a swimming pool or hot tub. Your white gold belly button ring or any of your 14kt gold belly rings can be damaged if you are not careful. In some instances, sand can scratch real gold pieces, like gold belly button rings, so take care also while at the beach wearing belly rings. Gold needs to be cared for properly.

14k gold belly ring or gold plated belly rings can be a gleaming addition to your gold body jewelry collection. A 14k belly button ring is now one of the pack in the league of real gold rings. Make your belly shine like a gold belly with 14k gold belly rings. 14k white gold belly button rings and 14 karat gold belly button rings are a solid gold belly button rings hit no matter what your age. Who doesn't want a gold belly button?

Navel jewelry, gold or some other classy belly rings should be beautiful and make you feel sexy. 14kt belly rings, even if they are cheap 14k gold belly button rings, should look good. Navel rings or gold navel rings come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, but they all should make you look good. When shopping for belly button rings, gold is a gleaming choice. A belly button ring, gold especially, is a durable, classy, and sexy part of any body jewelry collection.