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Heart Belly Button Rings

Heart belly button rings display the universal sign of love which always creates a stunning statement. Dangling heart belly rings like our Love belly button rings with cubic zirconia crystals are a great gift to give your sweetheart to show her how you feel. A simple non-dangling heart shaped belly ring or a heart navel ring with a colorful heart shaped icon is a cute girly accessory for any time of the year. Whether you decide to go with a basic heart belly ring or a sparkling belly button ring, fun or fancy, we predict our heart belly button rings will send hearts a fluttering. If you like these heart navel rings, you'll like our other Sexy Belly Button Rings and Pretty Belly Button Rings. Strut your stuff this Valentine's Day with some heart shaped Classy Belly Button Rings.
Heart shaped belly button rings can come in a variety of styles. Although the heart is one of the most recognized shapes, there are many different styles of heart belly button rings. Heart shaped gems, heart shapes, hearts dotting a ball, two hearts, and even best friend hearts are just a handful of the different kinds of body jewelry available when you are shopping for a heart belly ring. A few of our favorite heart belly button rings include:

Gold: Classic. Shiny gold is always a classic, especially when paired with shimmering jewels. Choose from genuine 14k gold for a quality investment, or a more affordable 24k gold-plated style for the look of gold without the high price. Both offer the timeless appeal of a real classic. Picture yourself wearing a gold heart belly button ring.

Neon: Retro. For a classic heart belly ring shape, adding neon gives it a twist towards the funky. Finished with some splattered paint or cute sayings, you’ve got a young, funky, unique look like no other.

Dangling gems : Dramatic. A gem creates drama, but add a few more that cascade down a bit farther and you’ve got all-out bling. Look for pure white CZ stones for simple brilliance, or try heart belly button rings with some colored stones when you want it to coordinate with what you’re wearing.

Spiral: Updated. The uniqueness comes from the spiral, and add a heart on the end and it’s a look that’s updated without looking too trendy or too boring. Spiral belly rings also have an element of comfort to them since they are non-dangling. Wear a spiral heart belly button ring.

Hinged top down: Modern. A fresh new look, a hinged top down style resembles more of a shield than a traditional belly ring. Because they are inserted from the top down through the piercing there is less pull on the bottom so the belly button ring style can be a bit wider and heavier than a typical dangling belly button ring. Hinged top down heart belly button rings are hot!

Colored stone: Simple. We always expect to see heart belly rings with gem stones in white, red or even pink, but how about a brilliant blue or stunning green? The combination of color and shape in a simple setting is elegance that’s anything but boring or flashy.

Gem-studded: Charming. An open heart shape outlined in gems offers the best of both worlds: a clearly defined shape that’s not too childish-looking and a bit of sparkle that’s not too bright and blingy. Placed on the end of a simple bananabell belly ring Gem studded heart belly button rings are a charming style that looks great front and center.

Black: Eye-catching. Although black sometimes has a tendency to blend in, when it’s set in jewelry, its uniqueness catches the eye. Usually finished with other colors or jewels, it’s the perfect blend of charm and mystique. Black heart belly button rings are the ideal sexy gothic style.

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Results 1-40 of 6712