Marijuana Weed Belly Rings

Weed belly button rings show that you are a free spirit. Marijuana belly button rings with rasta colors and pure, green leaves are sure to draw the attention of those familiar with mary jane. Marijuana belly rings and weed leaf belly button rings are perfect for that summer music festival. Looking for a marijuana belly ring? Marijuana belly rings, sometimes called weed belly button rings, come in dangling, non-dangling, and glow-in-the-dark. You can even find dangling weed navel rings with a locket. Marijuana navel rings or a simple dangling pot leaf belly ring can say a lot about who you are. And of course, marijuana belly button rings are always fun. Get your favorite weed belly ring and weed navel rings.

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Weed, pot, grass, reefer, Maryjane - all of these terms and euphemisms for marijuana are a definite part of our pop culture. Marijuana is not going away and seems to be here to stay. Marijuana might represent to you something fun. Weed might represent a cultural icon that you associate with youth. Pot might represent an era from a certain decade or maybe you think of it as an emblematic symbol for rebellion against authority. However, you see it - marijuana is pervasive in it's iconic power.

It is no surprise that marijuana belly rings have become one of the hottest belly rings among all ages of navel ring wearers. Why someone might wear a marijuana belly ring can vary just about as much as all the different euphemistic names for pot. One thing is for certain and that is marijuana navel rings are here to stay. If you like the gleam of Acapulco gold, weed belly rings are for you. Looking to climb Maui wowie? Wear a weed belly ring. Love the look of Panama red? Weed navel rings are your kind of belly ring. If you are looking for the most bhang for your buck, one of the marijuana belly button rings with a locket is the right choice for you. No other marijuana belly button ring is gonna do but the one with the locket for you.

If you like your cannabis all a-glow, then you should try wearing the glow-in-the-dark weed belly button rings. A weed belly button ring is never gonna be as hot as one that glows bright green like pot.

If a Rastafarian doobie is more your thing, mon, then why not wear a dangling Rasta marijuana leaf belly ring, mon. Those green, yellow, and red Rasta stripes on the pot leaf navel ring are the Jamaican hot water to your Reggae bag of tea. Play Bob Marley. Belly rings are more than just fashion accessories. They say something about who you are.

Pot leaf belly rings are totally dope, man. You don't need no fancy glow-in-the-dark marijuana leaf belly button ring. You just want it straight up ganja and that is why you wear non-dangling pot leaf belly button rings, Yo. You keep it simple with your pot leaf belly button ring and no extraneous frills on your weed leaf belly button ring, man.

Peace. Love. Make love not war, man. You consider yourself a radical and weed leaf belly button rings are just a way to stick it to the man. Rebellion starts with your weed belly button piercing. It's all about the peaceful way of radically rebelling for you. Your kind of hash is the weed plant belly button rings, you dig?

It's all about the environment and being one with the Earth around you. You wear weed belly bars because you support the growth of hemp and believe in the politics behind growing this herb. Marijuana belly bars are a statement of where you stand. You wear your marijuana belly bar as a point of pride.

Marijuana belly rings are totally bodacious dude! You take a joint on your way to the joint because the loco weed is totally gnarly dude. A marijuana belly ring is just a fun weed belly ring and that is all.

You dance with Maryjane on the sly and show off your marijuana navel rings only when you party with your friends. Weed belly rings are just a fun experimental way to accessorize yourself at the next crazy dance party.

Why you wear your weed belly ring is your business. Every reason anyone wears marijuana belly button rings are so different, but the one thing everyone who wears weed belly button rings has in common is their need to show off the weed.