Owl Belly Button Rings

These owl belly button rings are a hoot! An owl belly button ring is an eccentric and original navel accessory which has become an underground trend in recently. Our favorite owl belly ring is all dolled up with jewels, putting a unique spin on the normally feathered creature. Owl belly rings will make your freind jealous, no doubt. They will all be asking where y ou got your owl navel ring, and you can tell them BellyBling! Did you know that there are over 200 types of owls in North America alone? These birds of prey are stealthy and sometimes fierce, but our cute owl navel rings are glittery and full of sparkle. If you like these owl belly button rings, see our Bird Belly Button Rings, our Feather Belly Button Rings, as well as our Elephant Belly Button Rings and Lizard Belly Button Rings.

Bird Belly Button Rings & Owl Belly Button Rings

Bird belly button rings and owl belly button rings are becoming increasingly the hot new thing in body jewelry and accessories. Owl belly rings and sparrow belly button rings are not the only type of body jewelry being seen on the fashion scene. Owl ear gauges, bird ear gauges, and even an owl nose ring have become part of this fine feathered fashion frenzy. An owl belly button ring should be sparkly with gemstones like cubic zirconia. Or wear an eye-catching pink owl belly ring to be wise in fashion. Owl belly rings are not just about wearing pretty belly button rings, although that is a part of it. Owl body jewelry is often associated with certain attributes just like the owl itself has been traditionally linked to certain characteristics. So, if you are thinking about wearing some owl navel rings or owl ear plugs, consider the wise owl as your totem, or the spiritual guide owl, or even poke a little fun of yourself as the night owl who stays up later than the rest.

Bird Belly Button Rings on the Attack

The owl is not the only feathered friend to make it big. Bird belly button rings like the Angry Birds belly button rings are flying past the pack and knocking down anything in their way - pigs or blocks. Do you love playing Angry Birds on your phone, on your I-Pad, or on some other device? Show off your love for these fierce fighting birds by wearing some Angry Bird belly rings. Fashionistas can be Gamers.

Bird Belly Button Rings, the Beauty, the Meaning

A lovely bird belly button ring like the sparrow bird belly ring can bring to mind how we are all connected to our natural world. Even the smallest creature like a sparrow is interdependent on the natural world around her. So, living mindfully and with your natural world is important to you? The sparrow bird belly ring or bird ear gauges can be a reminder of the connection you want to continue to foster with Nature. What is more beautiful than Nature's creations? Find owl belly button rings, bird belly button rings, and other bird or owl body jewelry to bring beauty into your fashion style.