Pregnancy Belly Button Rings

Pregnancy belly button rings are just as cute and stylish as a standard navel ring. Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to take out your belly button ring. Our pregnancy belly rings and Plastic Belly Button Rings are designed to be flexible so they expand and move as your body changes. This means no tearing or stretching or having to give up your belly bling while waiting for the little one to arrive. Our Adjustable Length Belly Button Rings like most of our pregnancy navel rings are made from PTFE so you can custom size your pregnancy belly ring to the exact length you want. Try our new Baby on Board pregnant belly ring, or the adorable little blue baby's feet pregnancy belly button ring. Then check out more Maternity Belly Rings and Flexible Belly Button Rings.
Pregnancy belly button rings are an accessory for the modern day mother. Pregancy and belly button rings. That may not have been a combination you ever thought much about before. But now, belly button rings and pregnancy represent the new you. Flexibility is key when you’re a mom - and even before you become a mother if you have a need for flexible belly button rings for pregnant women. Our maternity belly button rings are the answer if you are pregnant. Belly Button rings are made of soft, pliable plastic, they’re incredibly comfortable so you don’t have to stop wearing bling as your belly grows with your pregnancy. Piercings can stretch as your belly grows, so having flexible belly rings for pregnancy can make wearing a navel ring still fun.

Just as bellies come in all sizes and babies come in all sizes, you can get belly rings for pregnant women that are customizable to fit your size. We offer typical barbell styles of maternity belly button rings in several colors, as well as barbell styles that are completely customizable- you simply cut the plastic wire to the desired length, then screw the ends back on to thread on the wire and voila, you have a comfortable fitting pregnancy belly ring.

Another similar option is our Flexible UV Belly Ring. The flexible material of these pregnancy navel rings and the extra long design of the pregnancy belly button ring allow you to wear this ring as a retainer throughout your entire pregnancy to prevent stretching, tearing and general discomforts due to wearing your navel ring as your belly gets bigger. The size allows you to cut the maternity belly button ring to the perfect length for you, and as you screw on the balls they will automatically thread the "barbell" and stay securely in place, enabling you to wear a belly ring while pregnant. Belly ring comfortability is what makes these belly rings for pregnancy such the ideal belly button rings. Pregnancy demands you to make some changes in preparation for the baby. Consider this part of those changes that you make when you become pregnant. Belly button ring flexibility should be what you look for in belly button pregnancy rings. Pregnancy bellybutton rings should be made with flexible nickel-free plastic tubing like PTFE, the abbreviation for polytetrafluoroethylene. PTFE is hypoallergenic and very safe for a maternity navel ring. Allergic reactions are very rare, so it is one of the most used materials in the medical industry, which should be very reassuring when considering a maternity belly ring.

The ball tops for the ends of pregnancy navel rings made with PTFE come in clear UV plastic, titanium or steel. Or, order gem ball tops to add a bit of bling to your maternity navel rings.

When deciding what length to cut your plastic wires, leave a bit of wiggle room on each end, especially if you are early in your pregnancy. Its best to first cut to a longer length and shorten if necessary. When cutting to size, use clean sharp scissors and cut it diagonally, not straight across the pregnancy belly button rings.

And don’t forget to share your good news with a dangling heart pregnancy belly button ring proclaiming whether you are expecting a boy or a girl.

Even after your bundle of joy arrives, the flexible plastic body jewelry is a great choice as the skin around your piercing begins to shrink back to its pre-pregnancy state. Nothing is more comfortable than Bioflex Jewelry because the flexible material reduces stress due to movement.

The pregnancy belly rings are also great for certain situations when you are not pregnant, but want to take advantage of the PTFE material. The medical-grade plastic design with the clear UV ball tops makes a great retainer for visits to the hospital or dentist when you might usually be asked to remove your piercing jewelry. Be sure to first check with your healthcare provider, but the metal-free design in our pregnancy belly button rings and Bioplast Body Jewelry should be safe for X-rays, MRI scans and ultrasound testing.