Reverse Belly Button Rings & Top Down Belly Rings

Reverse and top down belly rings allow you to turn your style upside down- or top down. The clever reversed belly ring design has the piercing entering from the top down, putting your bling on center stage. (Great if you prefer mid-rise or natural waist jeans!)

Reverse belly button rings, also sometimes called top drop belly button rings or reverse mounted belly rings, are unique because they dangle from the top edge of the belly ring bar and hang in front of the navel (traditionally-styled dangling belly rings fall from the bottom bar of the ring and below the navel). Reverse belly button rings can be used on existing belly button piercing, you do not need a special piercing to wear top down belly rings.

When can you get reverse navel rings? It is generally not recommended to use a reverse belly ring for a first-time piercing. Once the piercing has healed after several weeks, a reverse belly button ring can be inserted. Reversed belly rings can weigh more than traditional dangling belly rings which is great if you like lots of gems once your piercing is healed but it can be uncomfortable while your body is still healing the new piercing and it can make the area harder to keep clean.

Why is reverse belly button jewelry popular? Reverse belly rings styles are quickly gaining in popularity for several reasons:

--> They are comfortable. Because reverse belly button rings do not hang as low as traditionally dangling navel rings, they are generally more comfortable for the wearer.

--> Reverse navel rings can hide a problem piercing. Because they cover the navel, reverse belly button rings can hide a piercing imperfection. For instance, if you have a crooked piercing, a twisting reverse style will make the area look straighter.

--> Bottom belly button rings stay put. Reverse belly button rings don’t pull on the piercing as much as hanging belly button rings. This is a great solution for those with a deep piercing because it helps to eliminate the problem of the design pulling into the belly button.

--> A reverse navel ring is safer to wear. Because the top down belly ring design hangs higher and closer to the actual piercing, there is less chance of the inverse belly ring catching on clothing, towels or other objects, which means less chance of irritating or tearing your belly piercing.

Why consider reverse navel jewelry? Top down navel rings offer more style variety. While the majority of reverse belly rings are the dangling variety, new styles and variations are always cropping up. Because they hang higher and closer to the piercing and don’t pull as much as traditional belly rings, reverse belly ring designs can weigh more and be wider rather than just long and dangling, which offers more variety. Shield rings are generally wider and form a “shield” to cover the belly button. Shield designs are sometimes created with a hinge to make it even more comfortable. A hinged tribal is also a style that takes advantage of the top down design: a hinge makes it easy to move into place and comfortably stay there. Other newer styles we love: large, wide flower designs and gem-encrusted crosses.

Is a reverse belly button piercing a different way to get pierced? No, you may hear the term inverse navel rings, inverse belly piercing or inverted belly button rings as well as reversed belly rings - these all refer to how the jewelry is built and not the piercing itself. Since the design portion of the reversed belly rings hangs from the top of the bar of the belly button ring instead of the bottom ball, it is termed 'reverse'. Another style to throw into the mix is reversible belly rings where the design portion of the ring is on a hinge which allows you to insert the bar through your piercing whichever way you prefer so you have even more variety. This could come in handy if you like to wear jeans with different waist heights, with low-rise you probably want to wear the ring in the traditional style, but with mid-rise you'd want to switch to a top down belly ring so the full ring is still visible.

If you're looking for belly button rings that connect top and bottom of your navel with a single design, reversed belly button rings are a great way to go. They can add the extra sparkle you're looking for to show off your belly.