Small Belly Button Rings

Small belly button rings aren't for everyone, but if the dangling glitz or extravagant feathers on some of our larger belly ring are tickling your navel or getting in the way of your clothing, or just seem too large for your petite frame, we have a whole selection of small belly rings, Stud Belly Button Rings, and plain belly button rings right here for you. Some of our small navel rings are actually Short Belly Button Rings which have a shorter shaft of 3/8". These short belly rings can fit better if your belly ring piercing isn't as long as the standard 7/16" size. Or, if you prefer a smaller barbell diameter, try one of our 16 Gauge Belly Button Rings if you have been pierced with a thinner 16g needle or are looking to shrink the size of your hole. These small and tiny belly button rings will do just the trick!
These tiny navel rings still have just as much style. Choose from dangling small belly button rings, small plain belly button rings, and more. Our Logo Belly Button Rings are some of our cutest, boldest small belly button ring. There is nothing wrong with a plain belly button ring. You might even want to go as far as to have a Clear Belly Button Ring - talk about plain! But sometimes plain and simple jewelry makes the biggest statement.