Spiral Belly Button Rings

Spiral belly button rings are a clever twist on an original. These spiral belly rings easily twist in for a completely fresh and flirty new looking navel ring. A spiral belly button ring may also be a swirl belly ring due to its circular or tornado-like swirly shape. Spiral navel rings come in all shapes and styles - like a surgical steel spiral belly button ring, a spiral belly ring with double gems, or a spiral navel ring plated with 24 karat real gold. Easy to wear, swirl belly button rings and twisted belly button rings make an excellent choice if you’re craving simple style with a touch of whimsy. Take one for a spin. Our spiral belly button rings will make you stand out from the group!

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Spiral belly button rings may be twisted, but they are completely cool. A spiral belly ring is a cross between a captive bead ring and a bananabar, sometimes called a spiral bellybar or a twister barbell. Twisted belly rings simply twist into your belly button piercing. The ends of a spiral belly ring are designed to overlap slightly, giving it the spiral shape.

Although the common size of twisted navel rings is ½” diameter, that is the only ordinary part of a twisted navel ring: the ball ends on our spiral belly rings offer a range of possibilities to express your style. Some of our favorites include:

Double jewel. The best thing about twist navel rings: two equal spots for belly bling. Whether you prefer clear shiny white stones or brilliantly colored ones, a twister belly ring makes it easy to double up.

Shaped gems. The unique simplicity of twist belly rings design is the perfect backdrop for a shaped stone. Classic circle, lovely teardrop, contemporary star or even a romantic heart, the choice is yours to be front and center on your spiral belly button ring. UV glitter. Quirky, colorful, and oh so flirty. Brightly colored, glittery balls highlight each end of this kind of spiral body jewelry, so it’s easy to add a punch of color to your twisted belly button ring. And they’re lightweight, so they’re super easy to wear. The hardest part is choosing which one!

CZ solitaire. Nothing catches the light on spiral belly button rings and adds a touch of class and elegance like a shimmering stone. But on the end of these twister belly button rings, the classic stone look is anything but ordinary.

Titanium. Quality titanium makes these twist belly button rings colorful and strong, yet lightweight and super comfortable. But it’s the rich, shimmering colors and 100% hypoallergenic part that we’re most excited about. Simply brilliant!

14k gold. Classic meets trendy, with shiny 14k gold the perfect setting for a shimmering stone set on a twist belly button ring. 14k is considered to be ideal for jewelry because it is stronger than real 24k gold yet resists tarnishing like 10k gold can.

Gold plated. Looking for the high style elegance of gold without the high elevated price? Gold plated jewelry is your answer. It’s created with a thin layer of real gold on top of a base metal (usually silver). Accented with shimmering stones, our gold plated twisty belly rings only look expensive.

Ball tops. Switch out your colors with a few simple twists. Not only do ball tops add loads of variety to your body jewelry collection, you don’t even have to remove the twister belly button ring to change it up. What a bright idea!

The spiral twister belly ring is traditionally considered one of the 14g spirals. The spiral twister belly ring can come in such a variety of materials that it makes it one of the most versatile and fun navel rings.

So, are you feeling a little twisted? Belly button rings are the new twist! Body jewelry is heading down the long spiral. Belly bars now have to be twist belly button rings!