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316L Surgical Steel Belly Button Rings

Surgical steel belly button rings come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Do you ever wonder why everyone with a belly piercing wears surgical steel navel rings? Stainless steel or surgical steel belly rings are a great choice if you’ve shown some sensitivity to other metal jewelry.Surgical steel navel rings are made from a particular type of stainless steel which is resistant to scratches and rust. Belly button rings surgical steel are incredibly durable and have shiny surface which is smooth to the touch. But just because surgical stainless steel belly rings and navel rings made form surgical steel are a sensible choice doesn’t mean we’ve skimped on style… we’ve got sparkles, stripes, spheres, stars and more in our steel belly button rings.

If surgical steel is not your thing, try our Titanium Belly Button Rings or Gold Belly Button Rings.
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Belly button rings and other piercings are a great way to show off your own individuality, but what happens if you start showing signs of skin sensitivity at the site of your piercing? While such a sensitivity or allergic reaction- called contact dermatitis- can be caused by many things- cleaning products, laundry soap, etc., it may be an irritating alloy in the metal of your body jewelry that is causing the condition. If this is a concern, consider wearing surgical stainless steel jewelry instead of other metal jewelry.

Choosing surgical stainless steel rings can help with some skin sensitivities. Made from the finest quality grade steel, surgical steel is also referred to as implant grade steel. On stainless steel belly button rings are often noted in the description as 316L surgical steel. Belly button jewelry is a fun and flirty way to accesorize, but you don't want to have irritated skin for it. So, look for stainless steel navel rings to avoid irritations and sensitivies the next time you are shopping for navel jewelry.

Surgical steel navel rings can be a great solution to the rise in metal allergies. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the cases of metal allergies have increased as body piercings have become more popular. Symptoms of metal allergy generally occur between six and 24 hours after the exposure to the metal. The rash is usually confined to the area of contact, but it can spread in severe cases. The skin may become swollen, red and blistery. It may be tender to the touch but not necessarily painful. Any blisters may break and crust over. The skin may eventually darken, toughen and/or crack. If you think you may have a metal allergy, a dermatologist can perform a skin patch test to confirm. Ask your dermatologist if stainless steel belly rings are the ideal choice for you.

Unfortunately there is no way to predict who might have a metal allergy. A metal allergy will not go away and flare-ups may occur if the skin comes in contact with the metal, especially in warm weather when the metal ions can be more easily absorbed into the skin through sweating. In order to prevent the possibility of this from occuring, take some preventative action by wearing surgical stainless steel belly button rings.

Over-the-counter creams, such as a hydrocortisone cream, can help relieve redness and itch. If the problem is severe and you have itching and blistering that does not go away, see your doctor for treatment to lessen the chances of infection. Wait until you have completely recovered from the ill side effects and ask your doctor when it would be okay for you to go back to wearing body jewelry. When you do get the go ahead, consider wearing surgical stainless steel body jewelry to prevent another negative reaction.

If you still develop a skin sensitivity when wearing a surgical steel belly ring, you could be reacting to nickel in the steel. According to the AAD, nickel dermatitis can happen with both costume jewelry and finer jewelry when worn for a long period of time. Find out if wearing stainless steel navel jewelry for shorter durations of time would prevent the irritations from occuring or if you should avoid wearing steel belly button rings.

One option for those with piercings who develop a metal allergy is a plastic tubing. BioFlex is tubing that can be cut to any length you need and can generally be used for nearly any piercing. also sells all plastic belly button rings in a range of colors and sizes. Not only a great option for those with a metal allergy, but also the perfect choice for more active individuals or expectant mothers, thanks to the incredible flexibility it offers.

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