Titanium Belly Button Rings

Titanium belly button rings won't weigh you down. Lightweight titanium makes titanium belly rings colorful and strong, yet super comfortable. The process of anodizing titanium for titanium navel rings or other Titanium Body Jewelry involves adding additional layers of coating to the titanium to make it stronger and less susceptible to corrosion. Titanium belly button rings are simply brilliant, and so are the colors that these titanium belly rings come in! From purple and pink to green and blue, you can get a titanium belly button ring in almost any color, including the ever popular black titanium. See our other Black Belly Button Rings. You might want some Titanium Gauges to go along with your titanium belly ring, or a Titanium Captive Bead Ring.

Titanium Belly Button Rings are the Titans of Belly Rings

A titanium belly ring is a natural fit for anyone who loves style, natrual materials, brilliant color, and lightweight belly button rings. Titanium is a natural element. A titanium belly ring is going to contain the hardest metal in the world- three times stronger than steel- yet very lightweight. In fact, it’s about 40% lighter than steel. Titanium navel rings are lighter weight making them ideal because a titanium navel ring will not pull and stretch out piercings.

The strength and durability of a titanium belly button ring make it more resistant to scratching than gold and silver, however it is not completely scratch resistant. It is less likely to tarnish than typical gold or silver jewelry. When it comes to dangling jewelry, choose titanium belly button rings. Dangle or not, they are less likely to be scratched if they catch on something.

Most importantly, pure titanium is 100% hypoallergenic so it’s safe for those with metal allergies to wear. It does not react to salt water, sunlight, sweat or any other bodily fluids. Because it is completely compatible with the human body, not producing allergic reactions, skin discoloration or even minor irritations, titanium belly button rings are the ideal metal belly rings.

While the natural gray tone of titanium is appealing, it can also be colored with oxides on the surface to create rich hues, giving many colorful and rich hued titanium navel rings to wear.

Cleaning your titanium belly ring is easy. Simply use a mix of mild dish detergent and warm water, dipping the jewelry in the mix and wiping with a soft cloth. If you have a titanium belly ring that is colored, you should clean it by hand. Doing so will prevent any of the coloring from being wiped off. Dip the jewelry into the water and lightly rub your finger over it until it is clean.

Because titanium is a relatively new metal for body jewelry, it can be sometimes difficult to find, but not at BellyBling.net. We are excited to offer titanium belly button rings in both the traditional bananabell style in rich colors (with gem accent or without) or sleek black, as well as an eye-catching spiral belly ring style. Another popular choice is the barbell; look for it in a standard style, or accented with a circle, wave, spirals and more.

The lighter weight of titanium makes it ideal for a belly ring- it means less pulling and tugging and much more comfort. That’s why we also offer popular titanium in a style made just for expecting moms- the pregnancy titanium belly button ring. The flexible wire can be cut to any length and it’s pliable enough to move with with expanding belly, while the titanium balls thread on the ends. It works as a great retainer to keep your piercing open during pregnancy without discomfort, tearing or stretching.