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Tongue Rings for Girls

Tongue rings for girls are a popular way to flaunt your feminine side while still staying true to your individuality. No longer just plain and simple barbells, cheap tongue rings are a unique way to show off your style without breaking your bank. Whether you yearn for simple and classic or fun and unique, you’re sure to find a girly tongue ring that you love and want to show off. You can find any number of tongue rings cheap from cheap vibrating tongue rings, girls tongue rings and other cute tongue rings for girls and women. For more cheap tongue rings check out our inexpensive Tongue Barbells in styles for men and ladies. Plus we have lots of other Cool Tongue Rings if the tongue barbells shown here are too girly for your tastes!
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Tongue rings can sometimes refer to different kinds of oral piercings, but generally the most traditional is the vertical style where a straight barbell is placed vertically through the tongue’s center, called straight barbell tongue rings, with a ball sitting on top of the tongue and one on the underside. This type of tongue ring is generally not especially painful because the tongue is a striated muscle- the needle simply passes through the striations.

Because the tongue and mouth have so many blood vessels and nerve endings, it's important to have tongue rings pierced professionally. Certified piercers are trained to avoid any part of the tongue that could cause permanent damage. It's fun to have a vibrating tongue ring, but not if your tongue can't feel anything anymore.

To prepare for a tongue ring piercing, a piercer will typically place a clamp with circular ends on the tongue. This helps to mark where to do the actual piercing for the barbell tongue rings, as well as to maintain some control over the tongue during the process. The tongue usually has a slight dimple or indentation towards the front, so it is considered to be a perfect spot for tongue rings piercing.

Once the tongue is clamped, the piercer pushes a hollow surgical steel needle through the tongue. After it comes out the underside of the tongue, the piercer will remove the ball from one end of the tongue ring and place it in the hollow needle. As the piercer pulls the needle the rest of the way through, the tongue ring stays in place because of the remaining ball. The bottom ball is then screwed on.

Before you leave the salon, be sure to get specific details and recommendations on how to clean and care for the piercing and your tongue ring. The tongue will be tender and swollen for a few days and the piercer should give you a list of foods to avoid until the piercing is healed. Of all the piercings, tongue rings are generally the fastest to heal. One should expect about 4 to 6 weeks before it's time to switch tongue rings.

Tongue rings are available in a variety of styles and materials. Traditionally metal has been the most popular, but BioFlex (plastic) tongue rings are becoming more popular. They are more comfortable, softer, won’t damage your teeth and are safe for medical procedures. Plastic tongue retainers are also a great option if you need to hide your piercing.

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Results 1-40 of 82123