Clear Body Jewelry & Piercing Retainers

Clear body jewelry is perfect for hiding your piercing from the naked eye. Clear piercing retainers can be worn in your belly button piercing, your nose, your tongue piercing, your labret or monroe, or in any other body piercing that you want to conceal. Clear piercing jewelry is popular for students who are not allowed to wear body jewelry at school, and for employees who need to hide their piercings from their boss at work. Invisible body jewelry is also popular with athletes, as it is flexible and extremely comfortable. When you need a break from bling, get an invisible piercing retainer. When you have an event or job opportunity where it's better to be discreet about your piercings use one of these invisible, clear body jewelry retainers to protect your piercing while keeping your look subtle.

We also have Clear Ear Gauges and Tapers.