Clear Lip Rings

Clear lip rings are a great accessory to have in your body jewelry arsenal. Clear lip studs can be made from bioflex, bioplast, plastic or acrylic - but most often a clear lip ring is constructed from a limber, stretchy material so that it provides ultimate comfort. A clear lip piercing does not have to be plain jane - you can find a clear lip stud which has a cute gem at the tip, or an invisible lip ring with a clear glittery ball - providing just the right amount of bling while still being discreet. Completely clear lip piercings are useful for hiding your facial piercing from unforgiving eyes, like a teacher or boss. Maybe you just want a change of pace and decide to wear a clear lip piercing stud for a while, so that when you take out the clear lip piercing jewelry and switch back to a normal lip ring, your friends are taken by surprise. If you are interested in clear lip ring studs, you'll also like our Labret Retainer.