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Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

An eyebrow piercing catches everyone’s attention so flaunt it with eyebrow jewelry that showcases your style! Cute, simple, bold, sparkly, colorful, shiny... whatever you wish, go ahead and show off your eyebrow piercing jewelry. Eyebrow jewelry come come in many forms. A Curved Barbell is often used in a typical eyebrow piercing. These eyebrow rings are small and simple, but can be decorated with gems ans stones at the tips of the barbell. Plastic Eyebrow Rings are an eyebrow jewelry option which is more comfortable & flexible so you can sleep, swim, sweat, or do anything while wearing your eyebrow ring. Surgical Steel Eyebrow Rings is the most common type of eyebrow piercing jewelry. If you want to go for something more unique, try wearing a Captive Ring as eyebrow jewelry.
Eyebrow piercing has become more and more popular over the last two decades. The piercing can be done at any point along the eyebrow- from directly above the eye to the outside border of the eyebrow, however the most common place to have the piercing is at a 40 degree angle from the outside corner of the eyebrow. Placing the piercing in different spots will give you a different effect. With a piercing on the outer portion of the brow, the eyes will appear wider set. A piercing closer to the nose will create a more intense, serious look.

As with most body jewelry, an eyebrow ring is inserted using a hollow surgical steel needle which allows the eyebrow ring itself to slide in easily. A piercer will typically discuss with you the best location for the ring, and then mark it with a pen or marker. He or she will secure a clamp on the skin so that it stable and easy to pull away from the skull. The end of the clamp has two rings which allow the needle to pass through.

Because an eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing, there is some chance of migration. This means the piercing gradually moves closer to the skin’s surface until jewelry is no longer wearable. The use of heavy eyebrow rings- especially in newer piercings- can cause pressure and irritation, increasing the risk for migration. A surface bar or other appropriate jewelry and the angle at which the piercing is done can also affect the possibility of migration.

Eyebrow piercings usually take up to six to eight weeks to heal, but can take up to one year. Once healed completely, it is generally an easy piercing to change and remove the eyebrow ring without much discomfort. Barbells, captive bead rings and curved barbells are the most common types of body jewelry for eyebrow piercings.

Unless you have a problem with the style, material or size or you initial jewelry, leave it in place for the entire healing period. If you must remove it before healed, visit a professional piercer. Even after healing, leave your jewelry in all the time. Eyebrow piercings can close within a day or two of removal of jewelry, even if the piercing is well-healed or older.

Makeup or other facial or beauty products can irritate the area so be sure to keep the piercing and eyebrow ring and surrounding skin clean during the healing process. The Association of Professional Piercers suggests using the t-shirt trick for sleeping: dress your pillow in a large, clean t-shirt and turn it every night. This offers four clean surfaces for sleeping, to assure your piercing stays healthy and away from any bacteria that may cause an infection during healing.

Results 1-40 of 6112