Monroe Rings

Monroe rings are a cute new trend in facial piercings. Whether you have a labret or a Monroe piercing (or both!) the options, materials, sizes and styles are endless for your monroe ring. These flat-back monroe piercing rings are perfect for so many facial piercings: snake bites, spider bites, angel bites, medusa piercings and more. Mix, match and switch up and swap out! Named after Marylin Monroe and also called the Marilyn Monroe Ring, this piercing is sexy and simple. Monroe piercing rings are small but stylish. We carry many types of monroe lip rings

Surgical Steel Monroe Rings | Plastic Labret and Monroe Studs | PTFE Flexible Monroe Rings | Titanium Labret and Monroe Rings.
Facial piercings have taken off in popularity and offers so many different options – it’s a great way to express your own unique individuality.

A Monroe piercing refers to a piercing above the lip to the left side of the nose, named for the famous Marilyn Monroe beauty mark. A Madonna piercing is in a similar location but on the right side of the face. Another variation combines both the Monroe and the Madonna piercings- with one on each side of the face. This piercing style is known as angel bites- the opposite of snake or spider bites.

The same style of ring can be worn in any of these piercings. It is typically 14 gauge or 16 gauge with a ball, bead, gem or spike on the outside and a flat metal circle in the inside.

These types of piercings receive the most flack from critics because there is a chance of damaging your gums and teeth. However, if you carefully clean your piercing as directed, they should be no more of a risk than a traditional tongue ring.

Because the mouth is full of veins and nerve endings, and exact placement is vital, it is important that you have a professional do this type of piercing.

The piercer will give you very specific instructions on how to clean and care for your new monroe piercing. You will likely experience some swelling and redness for the first few days. You should avoid touching the area and do not smoke or chew tobacco until the wound is healed.

Because body jewelry with this type of piercing will have direct contact with your teeth and/or gums, it's important to have proper oral hygiene to avoid infection or discomfort. Plaque will collect on the jewelry; using an anti-plaque rinse can help to reduce plaque build-up.

A monroe piercing can take up to three to months to heal completely before you can change monroe rings. However, because the area is a soft tissue area and comes in contact with food, treat the area with extra care; some professional piercers will suggest you wait a full year before changing your monroe piercing rings.