Slave Ring Jewelry

Slave ring jewelry is one of the most unique types of body jewelry in our collection. A slave ring piercing can be used on many parts of the body - you can wear slave nipple rings, slave nose rings, slave tongue rings, and even slave belly button rings. Most slave body jewelry consists of a surgical steel hoop and a barbell, joined together by a captive bead made from acrylic or steel. The slave ring barbell is slightly risque, meaning to represent the shackle and chain which was put around the neck of a slave so they could be led by their master. Our Playboy slave belly ring is an especially rebellious option for slave rings jewelry. We'll be adding a slave nose ring soon, but in the meantime our glow in the dark slave tongue ring which can also be worn as a slave nipple ring is very popular. You might also like our Industrial Barbells, our Lip Rings, and our wide selection of Belly Rings.