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Hot Belly Button Rings & Body Jewelry

Belly button rings galore! Because what’s hot is always what’s cool, we’ve got it all when it comes to belly rings and body jewelry. If you have a belly button, we have cute navel rings for it. Look here for the latest in hot styles for your bellybutton and trends that will make your button rings look and feel oh so cool. Where are belly button rings hot? Right here you can find hot and amazing belly button rings. Also check out our most popular Cute Belly Button Rings.
We're constantly searching for the newest trends and cute cheap belly button rings to offer you the very latest in body jewelry. Here’s the top 10 we’re seeing on our hot sheet right now:

1. Spiral belly rings.
Blending both unique and simple- it goes in with simple twist- the uniqueness comes from the range of styles for the ends. Some have a gem on just one end, or go for twice the bling with sparkles on both. Or buy just the ball tops to switch out without even having to remove the ring. Some spirals are also super cute dangle belly button rings too.

2. Peace signs.
Peace signs have been around for decades and have made a recent return in full force, but we think they still are a great choice when you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. Whether it’s dangling, sparkling, or both, peace signs are always a fresh look. You can find cheap cute belly button rings with peace symbols on them right here.

3. Tragus rings.
Tragus piercings have really become popular over the past few years, and have paved the way for so many other variations of ear piercings, like the rook and the anti-tragus. Stud styles have always been available for tragus piercings, but ring styles are becoming more and more popular.

4. Reverse belly rings.
Also called top down or reverse mounted belly rings, these rings are a unique twist on the regular belly ring. Because they fall from the top down and hang in front of the naval, they are anything but subtle. Add some simple sparkle or shimmering shine, and all eyes will be on you. Cute belly button jewelry is found right here!

5. Tongue jewelry.
Once you get all of your cool bellybutton rings, you can move onto tongue rings, which are super hot right now. Once just boring barbells, tongue rings have come a long way in a very short amount of time, and are one of the few areas of body jewelry that offer just as many styles for guys as ladies. For him, look for styles like the Heavyduty Weight Barbell Tongue Ring or the Iron Cross Barbell Tongue Ring. We haven’t forgotten about the girls, with bling like the Austrian Gem Star Tongue Ring and the Translucent Flat Heart Tongue Ring.

6. Bioflex plastic.
Piercings are even more enjoyable if they are comfortable. Plastics for body piercings have entered the market, and we think BioFlex is the best. A wide range of styles include jewelry made entirely of colorful BioFlex jewelry, some accented with gems, or even some with an internally threaded gem so it gives you the look of metal on the outside, but the comfort of BioFlex on the inside.

7. Labret/Monroe.
Once considered more edgy, these facial piercings are becoming more and more popular. Perhaps because there are so many variations, with snake bites, spider bites and lowbret. Or maybe it’s because you can use one style of jewelry for so many piercings. A good reason to stock up! From quirky logos to understated gems, there are plenty to choose from.

8. Zodiac belly rings.
Do you believe your destiny is ruled by your astrological sign? Are you a sunny Sag? A stylish Libra? A serious Scorpion? Whatever your sign, we have it- so flaunt it! We have amazing belly button rings for all signs of the zodiac!

9. Nose rings.
When some people hear “nose ring” they often think of an actual ring through the septum. But nose rings also include studs and rings on the nostril. Gems, symbols and colors abound, not to mention sizes. Looking for subtle? Go for a simple stud. Want to show it off a bit? Go bigger and brighter with colored titanium.

10. Toe rings.
Toe rings have been around for a while, but they continue to catch our eye. Probably because piercings are generally on the face or upper body, why should feet miss out on all the bling? You’ll find plenty of sparkle, with a range of rings accented with gems like our CZ toe rings. Looking for sparkle and comfort? The stretch gem toe ring is a can’t miss.

Results 1-40 of 44112345678910