Light Up LED Belly Button Ring

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Light Up LED Belly Button Ring

LED Belly Button Rings

Its time to hit the club with this flashing LED belly button ring! Light up belly button rings are the latest trend on the rave scene, but a flashing belly button ring is great for any party or for drawing attention to yourself at a crowded event. You can't hide in the shadows with this LED belly ring! Light up belly button rings powered by LED technology look just like a miniature strobe light attached to your navel. How cool is that? Plus, the shiny silver body of this light up navel ring gives it a sleek look, making it attractive even in the daylight. This LED belly button ring flashes green, then blue, then red, for a rainbow electric storm of colors!

- 316L Surgical Steel
- 14 Gauge
- 3/8" Barbell Length
- 10mm ball size
- Comes with 4 batteries (2 needed to operate belly ring)
- 3 color blinking light

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