NFL Belly Ring Dangling Jacksonville Jaguars

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NFL Belly Ring Dangling Jacksonville Jaguars
NFL Belly Ring: Dangling Jacksonville Jaguars Belly Ring

Gear up for football season with your favorite NFL football team, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Hear the big cat's roar as you wear the Jacksonville Jaguars belly ring. Be a part of the crowd at Everbank Field and get ready to cheer the Jaguars on to a victory. The Jacksonville Jaguars belly button ring features a cubic zirconia gem on the top and the bottom of the curved barbell. The gleaming clear gem won't shine as bright as you, however, when you go out there to cheer on your team. The dangling Jaguar charm hangs from the the bottom gem ball. The gleaming gold plated 316L surgical steel shows your rock gold solid as a fan of the Jacksonville, Jaguars. Hear the stadium roar. Feel the Jaguar roar.

- 14 GA
- 4 GA (5 mm) & 0 GA (8 mm) Ball
- 3/8" Curved Barbell Length
- 3/4" Dangle Length
- 1 3/4" End to End Length
- Cubic Zirconia Gems
- 316L Surgical Steel Gold Plated

Spike it. Kick it. Score. All of our NFL belly rings are worthy of touchdowns!