Nickle Free Navel Ring - Triple Gem

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Nickle Free Navel Ring - Triple Gem

This nickel free belly ring is sure to make life more comfortable. The bioflex shaft allows it to be more flexible for your needs and the triple gems really make this long dangling belly button ring sparkle.

- 14 Gauge
- Bioflex Shaft
- 2" Barbell Length
- 4G (5mm) 3/16" Gauge Ball
- 5 1/4" End to End Length
- 2 11/16 " Dangle Length
- Top Ball is 316L Surgical Steel
- Cut to any length with scissors and screw top ball back on
- Self threading

This belly ring is triple the beauty. Shop other crystal belly button rings, and unique long belly button rings.

SKU: BELLY-99-697A