Hello Kitty Tongue Rings

Hello Kitty tongue rings are transforming tongue piercings into Kawai, Japanese for cute or adorable, tongue piercings. A Hello Kitty tongue ring features the adorable Sanrio phenomenon, Kitty White, the Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow. Kitty White, otherwise known as Hello Kitty, makes a Hello Kitty tongue piercing easily recognizable. A Hello Kitty tongue barbell is now a cute fashion accessory. All Hello Kitty tongue piercings are a part of the growing cute body jewelry scene. Hello Kitty tongue bars are bringing the cute and the adorable into the body jewelry world. Find a Hello Kitty tongue bar that tickles you into feeling as adorable as Kitty White herself. Get even cuter with adorable Hello Kitty belly button rings, Hello Kitty body jewelry, & Hello Kitty dermal jewelry.