2 Gauge Organic Black Areng Saddle Wood Plug

Wood Ear Gauges Plugs: 2 Gauge Organic Black Areng Saddle Wood Plug

If you want to get back to nature with organic materials, the 2 gauge black areng wooden plug can help you get there with your ear gauging. The areng wood plugs are made from the areng palm tree providing you with a biocompatible ear plug, giving you the assurance that you won't have any allergic responses that you may have with other metal ear gauges. The s-shaped saddle plug gives you an unique look with the best of nature's organic materials.

Organic material is heat and moisture sensitive making it susceptible to warping, swelling, or cracking if not cared for properly. So, make sure to do the following for your organic ear plug:
- Do not expose to direct sunlight.
-Always keep in dry and well-ventilated area.

- 2 Gauge
- Organic Areng Wooden Plug
- Black Saddle S-Shaped Plug

Sold as ONE individual ear plug only