7 Pack Flexible Glitter Belly Rings

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7 Pack Flexible Glitter Belly Button Rings

Glitter and flexibility combine for one perfect package deal with these belly button rings. Flexible belly button rings score high marks in comfortability, but with these assorted belly button rings, you don̢åÛåªt have to sacrifice style for comfort. This 7 pack of belly button rings includes all the glitz and glamour you want in your belly bling. The pack includes the following colors: clear, green, purple, black, red, pink and blue. Enjoy your flexible glitter bling!

- 14 GA
- 3/16" Ball
- 7/16" Flexible Curved Barbell Length
- 15/16" End to End Length
- Bioflex plastic
- Clear, Green, Purple, Black, Red, Pink and Blue