Best Friends Belly Rings - Pink

Pink Belly Button Ring - Best Friends
A pink belly button ring for you and your best friend that can show off your friendship with one another makes a wonderful gift not just for your BF but for yourself as well. Pink friendship belly rings can show off your favorite color as well as show who you are loyal to. Perfectly pink gems and a heart split in two, this is perfect for you and your best friend. Two halves that fit perfectly together is the perfect symbol of how you and your best friend are uniquely fitted into each others lives.

- 14 Gauge
- 316L Surgical Steel
- 3/8" Barbell Length
- 3/16" (5mm) 4 Gauge Ball
- 15/16" Dangle Length
- 1 15/16" End to End Length
- 7/16" Diameter
- Sold as a pair
- Pink Gems
- Best Friend Broken Hearts