Jeweled Owl Belly Ring

Jeweled Owl Belly RingThe Jeweled owl belly ring is a hoot of gleaming gems. Have some fun with this Who's Who of belly bling jewelry. The owl is wise. The owl is a creature of the night. Sound familiar? The jeweled owl belly ring is a reflection of how you see yourself. Are you a night owl? Are you wise beyond your years? Wear the jeweled owl belly ring for a real hoot of a good time. Flashy gems on the owl belly piercing is sure to make any night owl light up the night.

- 14 Gauge
- 316L Surgical Steel Barbell
- 3/8" Barbell Length
- 4G (5mm) 3/16" Gauge Ball
- 1 1/16" End to End Length
- 3/8" Diameter