Pregnancy Titanium Belly Button Rings

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Pregnancy Barbell with Titanium Plated Ball Belly Ring

Just like the Pregnancy Flexible UV Belly Button Ring, this pregnancy belly ring acts as a retainer during your entire pregnancy. It can be cut to any length to suit your needs and drastically reduces the chance of stretching, tearing or any other general discomforts due to your navel ring. As soon as you receive your bundle of joy, you can go back to wearing a normal navel ring because this one will have kept the hole perfectly intact. The primary difference between this ring and the Flexible UV Belly ring is the style of ball; this one is titanium while the other is UV. Simply cut to your desired length and screw the ends back on. This is a great belly ring to prevent tearing, stretching, or other discomfort during your pregnancy. You should not have to worry about your belly ring while you are pregnant!

- 14 GA
- 4 GA Titanium Ball
- PTFE, polytetrafluoroethylene, is a flexible, Nickel free wire. It can be autoclaved up to 446°F.
- Non toxic - Allergy free - Hospital Grade - Flexible
- Cut to any Length
- 1 15/16" End to End Length