18 Gauge Cartilage Earrings

18 gauge cartilage earrings are going to be your standard size for a regular helix piercing. You can find 18g cartilage earrings in all different lengths as well, depending on the thickness or swelling of your piercing. Find an 18 gauge cartilage earring for your new piercing that is swollen and calls for a little longer barbell length. Once the swelling goes down, you can switch to shorter 18 gauge cartilage earrings. That way, you don't have a lot of extra barbell sticking out. 18 gauge earrings for cartilage are an easy find at BellyBling.net and come in several styles.
LOVE Cartilage Ring

LOVE Cartilage Ring

You will just LOVE this cartilage ring. Everyone will LOVE this one! Simple and LOVELY. Just under 1 inch wide, 18g, 5/16".