Labret / Monroe

Labret jewelry from BellyBling is offered in many colors and materials. A labret piercing is cute, sultry and elegant. Labret piercing jewelry is the ultimate accessory for your facial piercing. The labret is a piercing in the space between the chin and bottom lip. Its name comes from labrum the Latin name for the facial lip. Labret jewelry 16g is the most common size of labret piercing jewelry, although labret jewelry 14g can also be worn. A labret piercing can also be referred to as a tongue pillar, as labret jewelry somewhat resembles a miniature version of a Tongue Barbell. Cheap labret jewelry from BellyBling starts at just 99 cents, so you can get a whole bunch of 16 gauge labret jewelry, 14 gauge labret jewelry, bioflex labret jewelry, or whatever type of labret ring jewelry your heart desires!