Non Dangle Belly Button Rings

White Splatter Belly Ring

White Splatter Belly Ring

Splatter on 316L Surgical Steel Navel Ring. Colorful and bright! 14GA. 3/8" barbell. 5mm X 8mm. Get yourself a splash of color!

Non-dangle belly button rings are proof that you don't have to go to great lengths to express yourself. Twists, reverse drops, flexible, hinged you'll find many basic belly button rings right here. Simple belly rings sometimes are the best way to go. Our low maintenance Logo Belly Button Rings are simple and most of them non-dangling. Other simple belly button rings include our Short Belly Button Rings and Small Belly Button Rings. Get your simple belly button rings right here with many different kinds of non dangling belly rings. Non dangle belly rings can still be cute, without all of the hassle!