Bioplast/PTFE Belly Rings

Plastic belly button rings are a pliable, bendable alternative to surgical steel navel rings. Many plastic belly rings are made from Bioflex flexible tubing, or bioplast. Bioflex is great for nearly any piercing, but especially for belly rings. A bioflex belly ring just like any piece of Bioflex Jewelry is completely metal-free and lightweight so it does not pull on your piercing or snag on your clothes. These bio-flex belly button rings are popular among pregnant women and girls who play sports, as the flexible plastic moves with your body. Completely hypo-allergenic, Bioflex belly button rings are also super comfortable. Some styles of plastic navel rings are even adjustable. If you are looking for a plastic belly ring or bioflex navel rings, you might also be interested in the rest of our Plastic Body Jewelry like Plastic Tongue Rings.