Rose Gold Nose Hoop

Rose Gold Nose Hoop

Rose Gold IP Over 316L Surgical Steel Nose Hoop. 20GA. 3/8". 2mm ball. Nose rings are a fun way to show off your unique style!

A hoop nose ring is a unique and more noticeable way for you to wear nose jewelry. A nose hoop can come in many shapes and sizes from an 18 gauge hoop nose ring or larger hoop nose piercing made form black titanium or colorful acrylic. Nose hoop rings can also be small and dainty, like a nose ring hoop in a 22 gauge made from real gold or sterling silver. We will be adding a 22 gauge nose hoop soon, but for now we offer a 20 gauge nose hoop and 18 gauge nose hoop, which is a popular size for a small nose hoop. Hoop nose piercings are coming back in style; be different from all your friends who are wearing basic nose studs!

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