2 Gauge Plugs & Tapers

Size 2 gauges are one of the most common sizes in gauged earrings. BellyBling offers many 2g plugs in a wider array of materials and price points. Try our organic 2 gauge plugs, including buffalo horn, abalone, pearl, bone, and wood 2 gauge earrings. A 6mm plug can also be made with surgical steel, stainless steel, or titanium for an industrial look and feel. A size 2 gauge is large enough for your jewelry to be noticeable, but small enough that your stretched earlobe can still be discreet when wearing clear, transparent or see-through gauges size 2. Like 2g ear plugs? The next step up in gauged earrings is the 0 Gauge Plug. A 2 gauge ear looks cool with a Wood Ear Plug. Other popular 2 gauge ear plugs and 6mm plugs include our Cheap Organic Size 2 Ear Gauges