316L Surgical Steel Plugs

Stainless steel plugs are a staple in ear plug jewelry. Steel plugs can be plain silver or they can have jewels and gems. You can even get a stainless steel plug in a color like blue or green. If you like stainless steel ear gauges you might like to go one step higher in quality and try our Titanium Plugs. Steel flesh tunnels are another option - these stainless steel ear plugs have a hollow center for a very different obscure look. Stainless steel flesh tunnels come in all sizes from 1/2" to 14 gauge. So no matter how brave you are with your gauging, you can always wear steel ear gauges. Since steel ear tunnels and steel ear plugs are relatively inexpensive, you can buy one in every size and switch them out as you size up to bigger steel ear stretchers. You might even have enough money left to get a Stainless Steel Belly Button Ring to go along with your steel ear plug.