316L Surgical Steel Labret

A surgical steel labret is what a professional piercer would use when piercing your labret. So surgical steel labrets are the obvious choice when buying jewelry for yourself. The simple design of Labret and Monroe body jewelry make them a great choice for a variety of piercings. Add in the surgical steel design of these pieces and even those with metal sensitivity can add more bling to their collection. BellyBling has more Surgical Steel Jewelry as well as stainless steel body jewelry. A stainless steel labret or monroe is similar, it is just a different grade of steel. 316L surgical steel, found in all of our Surgical Steel Body Jewelry is a professional grade of metal made specially for those with sensitive skin. If you like these steel labrets, you might also like our Surgical Steel Lip Rings.
Skull Hand Flat Back Stud

Skull Hand Flat Back Stud

Skull Hand Top 316L Surgical Steel Flat Back Studs for Labret, Monroe, Ear Cartilage, and More. 16 GA. 5/16" length. Perfect for Halloween!