Clear Bioflex Nose Ring Retainer - 18 Gauge

Flat Top Nose Bone Retainer/Clear Nose Stud

Do you have any clear nose rings? A clear nose stud is helpful when you find yourself in a situation where you have to downplay your nose piercing. Maybe you need clear nose rings for work. Maybe you need a clear nose retainer for your great grandmother's 100th birthday and you know wearing a clear nose ring retainer for your pleading mother will make everyone happy. Whatever the reason that you may need clear nose ring retainers, you need to maintain the integrity of your piercing. In these situations, wearing a retainer nose ring is the answer. The flat top bone clear nose ring retainer maintains the integrity of your piercing comfortably, while minimizing your nose piercing.

- 18 GA
- Flat Top Bone
- 5/16" Barbell Length
- Bioflex Plastic
- Clear