Bioplast/PTFE Labret

A bioflex labret is a comfortable alternative to a surgical steel labret ring. A Lip Piercing Retainer is usually made of bioflex. A bio flex labret is a safe piercing ring for these with sensitive skin, as bioflex doesn't work against your skin cells. Rather, bioflex labrets will mold to fit your piercing and are perfectly compatible even with fragile skin, no matter how red and irritated your labret piercing might be. A plastic labret is similar but not as flexible. Plastic labret studs come in bright neon colors and may be a desirable option for summer facial jewelry. Finally, we offer a custom fit PTFE labret which can be cut with a pair of scissors to the exact size you need. Don't you hate it when your labret ring is too long, and it slides back and forth, exposing some of the barbell instead of fitting snugly against your skin? A PTFE labret stud is the solution. Cut it to any length, and the press fit top will slide into place.