Crystal - Gemstone Belly Rings

Crystal Belly Button Rings will sparkle and shine until the end of time. There's no easier way to get noticed than with rhinestone belly button rings bling, and there's no better way to turn on the shine than with a sparkling crystal or shimmering gemstone belly button ring. Whether you love the eye-catching impact of a hinged style or the simple sophistication of a single stone, flaunt any of these crystal, rhinestone and gemstone belly button rings and all of the attention will turn to you. Crystal belly button rings will add sparkle and shine to any outfit. Crystal belly rings can be made with synthetic CZ stones, or even real Swarovski crystals. Find the perfect, elegant crystal belly button ring for any occasion at A crystal belly ring is a sophisticated way to accessorize your outfit for a night out, or for a formal evening event.
CZ Vine Belly Ring

CZ Vine Belly Ring

Vine with Dangling Cubic Zirconia Gems. Surgical steel material. Sparkling vine belly ring with four clear gems. 5mm ball top. 6mm clear pronged ge...

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