Curved Barbell Eyebrow Belly Ear Piercings

Stars & Stripes Eyebrow Ring

Stars & Stripes Eyebrow Ring

'-Banana Size: 7/16" -Ball Size: 3mm -316L Surgical Steel and UV balls -Stars & Stripes Eyebrow Ring available in 5 color options!

Curved barbells, otherwise known as curved barbell jewelry, are a versatile kind of body jewelry which depending on the length can be worn as an eyebrow ring, curved navel rings, or as an ear piercing. Place a barbell curve in your tragus, rook, conch, or elsewhere in your cartilage for a discreet yet hip look. If shopping for a navel barbell, choose a 16 Gauge curved belly barbell or 14 gauge curved navel rings, depending on the size of your piercing. A titanium curved navel barbell is a high quality piece of jewelry which will maintain its shiny appearance over time. Switch out your normal jewelry for curved barbell jewelry - with a cone, spike, acrylic ball or gem on the end.