Double Flare

Double flared plugs are a hassle free ear gauge which does not require an o-ring to stay in place. Flared plugs and double flare tunnels have lips on each end of the ear gauge which serve as stoppers and hold the plug in place inside your stretched lobe. Inserting a double flare plug, however, can take more patience and your ears must be ready to move up to the next size. If you can gently tug on your ear lobe and see a few millimeters of space, then you are most likely ready to try inserting a double flared plug or double flare gauges. When putting in double flared ear plugs for the first time, be sure and use vitamin E or another natural lubricant and massage the stretched area before inserting the plugs. Like our flare ear plugs & double flare ear tunnels? Check out our Ear Tapers and our Playboy Body Jewelry.