Plastic/Acrylic Nose Rings

Get a bioflex nose ring when you need a retainer nose ring. A plastic nose stud can maintain the integrity of your piercing. Clear nose rings, such as the bioflex nose rings, are made from a clear, flexible, hypo-allergenic material. Sometimes referred to as plastic nose rings or plastic nose studs, they have been known to help infected piercings heal quickly. Better yet, clear bioflex nose rings are transparent making the gems and crystals pop.

Many people use bioflex nose studs to customize the length since you can easily cut it to make it shorter, even if you are using it as a nose ring retainer. Bioflex nose rings are resistant to different temperatures so they won't get hot or cold outside. If you like nose rings that are flexible and lightweight, you will definitely like using a plastic nose ring or a bioflex nose stud.