14 GA Clear Labret Retainer Stud

Clear Labret/Monroe Retainer

Bioflex labret studs are comfortable and flexible. They can be a great solution for comfortable and yet, stylish monroe jewelry. However, you should consider getting clear monroe jewelry. Why? Sometimes, our lives and our world demands that we can't wear the brightest and our best body bling. When this happens, a clear labret stud may be the answer to your dilemma. If you cannot wear your labret because of work, use a labret piercing retainer. If you cannot wear your monroe because you are headed home to visit your grandparents, use a clear monroe retainer. Whatever the reason, when you need to tone down your body jewelry, but need to retain the piercing, try wearing this clear labret retainer stud or other clear labret jewelry.

- 14 GA Clear Monroe Piercing
- 5/16" End to End Length Clear Monroe Studs
- Clear Bioflex Plastic Monroe Piercing Retainer
- Includes O-Ring with the Plastict Studs