4 Gauge Zebra Print Straight Ear Taper

4 Gauge Zebra Print Straight Ear Taper

Go on safari with the 4 gauge zebra print ear taper. The black and white zebra stripes have just the faintest green hue for added dimension. The zebra print ear stretchers are hot, hot, hot with divine UV color under the blacklights. So, go ahead and take that safari ride with the zebra print ear taper and watch your safari nights get hot, hot, and oh so brilliantly hotter!

- 4 GA (5 MM)
- 1 3/4" Length
- UV Acrylic Ear Stretcher
- Variegated Pattern Makes Each Ear Taper Unique
Sold as ONE individual ear expander only

NOTE: the variegated pattern makes each ear taper unique, which means you may not get an exact match of what is shown.