Barn Belly Button Ring

Barn Belly Button Ring
The barn belly button ring is full of the rural country charm that is so appealing in our crazy busy days. Bring some of the farm with you wherever you go wearing this adorable red barn belly ring. The script on the barn navel ring says "The Barn" and as simple as that is, so is the charming style of this cute belly ring. It doesn't matter if you are mucking out the horse stalls or heading to class or work, bringing some of the rural life into your body jewelry is a nice reminder of where your head and heart is at. It doesn't matter if you are a rural farm girl, or a city farm girl at heart, keep it close to you with one of these barn belly button rings.

- 14 Gauge
- 316L Surgical Steel
- 3/8" Barbell Length
- 3/16" (5mm) 4 Gauge Ball
- Red & White with The Barn verbiage on it
- Clear Gem
- 3/4" Dangle Length
- 1 3/4" End to End Length
- 7/8" Diameter
- Sold As One Single Belly Ring