Clear Dreamcatcher Belly Ring

A Belly Button Ring with Native American Style. The platinum belly button ring with a Native American sense of style is a beautiful example of history meeting design. The shine of the platinum belly button ring catches the light as it dangles. The dreamcatcher web, a traditional Native American iconic image, elicits the spiritual connections to a place, a people, and a culture that is more difficult to find amidst the modern industrialized cultures of today. Embrace the traditions that hearken to a history with meaning by wearing the platinum belly button ring with the Native American dream catcher.

- 316L Surgical Steel
- 14 Gauge
- 3/8" Barbell Length
- 2 7/8" End to End Length
- 1 7/8" Dangle Length
- 11/16" Width
- Clear Beads
- Clear Double Gems